Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gryphon's Cup Champ!

for the first time, the very first time, August started with a Gryphon's Cup victory and not defeat for RI'03 (Reds) this year, with some good fortune and good play down the stretch, we've not only gone passed the first round of this annual alumni competition, but also clinched the title! but i couldn't play at all throughout the competition due to camps and sickness. haiz. how i wish i were an active part of it.

next year, i hope we can prove that this victory is not a fluke and i shall keep myself free to be part of it. god damn proud of you Reds!

Monday, July 27, 2009



FOOT(ODAC FOC) is just over and right now i'm recovering from a viral flu. i dont know if it's h1n1 tho. symptoms are quite mild. hopefully i'll recover in time for Stellar(NYS FOC). FOOT was quite fun and the OG did very well to emerge overall champs. but more importantly, everyone had fun and bonded well. sadly, i had to miss out on finale due to the flu. WAH LAO!

gryphon's cup(annual raffles alumni basketball competition) just started 2 days ago. i'm so happy that my batch has gone passed the 1st round for the first time! and not just that, we are now in the semis! happy leh! GO REDS GO! but hor, cuz i'm sick, i couldn't join them and play. WAH LAO!

NYS FOC is this wednesday and it'll last for 3 days. hope we'll make it fun and memorable for the freshmen and seniors alike. we'll be going to the makan places ard campus and spend some time in sentosa. hmmm, there'll be cooking competition and it'll need camp participants to bring pots and pans from home...WAH LAO!

cuz of camps, i haven't been going to the lab. and apparently, there's been quite a lot of progress thanks to joshua. well done man! watching the video of the flight makes me wanna see it in person. WAH LAO!

i hope this flu will go away and i'll be able to go for Stellar, Gryphon's Cup, and contribute a little more in the lab before school LAO!

Monday, June 22, 2009

FOOT seniors camp

back from pelepah, kota tinggi. the trekking is more dangerous than endau rompin's. but it's manageable. for freshmen joining FOOT '09, just be careful when you trek and have fun =) i slipped from the waterfall and slided down the 60 degrees slope. quite fun, but a little dangerous though.

waiting for photos to be uploaded...

woo, it's been 9 months with lixuan =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


hmmm, has been to lazy to update for a while...special sem is over. the astronomy exam (11 june) was quite a tough 2-hr MCQ paper. the questions were not at all direct. but most people finished in 45min and by the time i left, 1hr 15min in the clock, about 20% of the students taking astronomy has left. hopefully this module can help pull up my GPA.

just discovered a new mmorpg called Dragonica by IAHgames. it's cute and quite fun to play too. now i'm level 22. if you're playing, join me at Elga server. my character name is yenney (hunter). so i'm quitting 9dragons, which i just started in the holiday.

the RC plane project is make little headway. i hope all the issues will be resolved soon. i plan to go to the lab on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. so if you're in school those days, join me for lunch!

my broadband connection has been quite erratic since last friday. there's been frequent disconnections. i called singtel and the technician is coming today. hopefully the connection stays and allow me to finish my rantings. lol

Sunday, May 17, 2009

dun liddat leh

from Mr Brown: "Someone made a BETTER version of SBS Transit's iris bus arrival web app called Nextbus, and now it seems the app cannot continue because it looks like SBS is blocking the app from making connections to its servers."

so if you block someone from tapping into your server who provides the masses with better services for whatever legitimate reasons or security concerns, why don't you approach the guy doing this, employ him or his idea on agreeable terms and allow this improved service to be available to the masses! this is so much more constructive. right?

but if you just block it, you're just denying the public of a good product(or whatever you may call it) and robbing ppl off of their ingenuity. dun liddat leh...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


hmmm, it feels good to see that you've left sth behind for your school during your time. Astrigue started of as a astro-learning camp for primary school kids when I was J1 back in Mount Sinai campus (RJ). now, through the work of batches of astronomy club members, it's both a learning camp and an annual competition for schools. so cool! =)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


hmmm, the urge to blog has struck once again. lol

exam's over and now I'm taking a elective course in astronomy for special sem. oh well. I'm quite bored...but I like to stay home =)